Finally, your favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd song tones and AMP MODELS available as presets to make your song covers more authentic.

Currently, the following tones are available:

  1. Tom's Go To - Tom's favorite and most used preset. Has a One More From the Road sound to it and is a fantastic all-around good tone for any situation. Sounds like a fat, rich tube tone that cleans up nicely.
  2. GIBSON FIREBIRD - turns your guitar into a Gibson Firebird sound. Great for Allen Collins themed leads - especially when you don't have a Firebird hanging around to pick up. It's very close to Allen's original P90 bridge-pickup sounding Firebird.
  3. GIBSON FIREBIRD 2 - turns your guitar into a Gibson Firebird sound. This "Firebird preset" is FATTER then the other preset. You might prefer one to the other.
  4. ACOUSTIC - this setting magically turns your electric guitar into an acoustic using revolutionary BOSS Technology.
  5. IF IM WRONG - Allen Collins' lead guitar tone for "If I'm Wrong" by Lynyrd Skynyrd - Seen on the Skynyrd Collectybles album. A fantastic clean and cut-through blues tone.
  6. CURTIS LOEW AC - Allen Collins' rhythm guitar tone for "The Ballad of Curtis Loew" - Second Helping (1974). There is a tremolo effect in there that you can use to simulate guitar 2 on the left channel.
  7. A LITTLE - STEVE - "I Know a Little" tone for Steve Gaines. Street Survivors (1977)
  8. A LITTLE - RAND - "I Know a Little" tone for Randall Hall. This is the 1987 Tribute Tour tone which turns your guitar into a Stratocaster in the half-way position.
  9. BREEZE INTRO 74 - "Call Me the Breeze" intro tone as performed by Gary Rossington on Second Helping (1974). Has the distinct Univibe and Phaser effects to create this authentic tone. Just as Gary would have used it.
  10. BREEZE LEAD 74 - "Call Me the Breeze" guitar solo tone as performed by Gary Rossington on Second Helping (1974). No phaser and a soft reverb mimicking the same tone used on the solo for this recording.
  11. BREEZE OMFTR 76 - "Call Me the Breeze" guitar tone emulating the exact tone Gary Rossington used for One More From the Road (OMFTR). This tone also works perfectly with Tuesday's Gone on OMFTR in 1976.
  12. TUESDAYS GONE 73 - "Tuesday's Gone" guitar solo tone as heard on the original recording by Gary Rossington on Pronounced (1973). Features the Univibe/Phaser effects to create a nearly identical tone to the original.
  13. TUESDAYS GONE 76 -"Tuesday's Gone" guitar solo tone as heard on One More From the Road recording by Gary Rossington in 1976.
  14. MCA/NEED YOU 74 - a lead guitar tone that you commonly hear on Second Helping (1974). Used by Allen Collins and Gary Rossington. Popularly used on "I Need You" and "Working for MCA". This is a fat and creamy "compressed" lead tone that is highly sought after among many Lynyrd Skynyrd fans.
  15. ED - I NEED YOU - The tone that Ed King would have used to play rhythm with on "I Need You". Features a 1965 Fender Twin Reverb amp model tone with an eerie tremolo effect getting you as close as possible to the original sound. Queue up a fat Stratocaster guitar in the "half-way" pickup position and hear this tone come to life. As heard on "I Need You" - Second Helping (1974).
  16. QUESTIONS INTRO - Gary Rossington's intro guitar tone for "Don't Ask Me No Questions" - Second Helping (1974).
  17. QUESTIONS LEAD - Gary Rossington's lead guitar tone for "Don't Ask Me No Questions" - Second Helping (1974).
  18. SNS RHYTHM - Allen Collins' rhythm tone as heard on "Saturday Night Special" - Nuthin' Fancy (1975).
  19. SNS INTRO - Ed King's iconic intro guitar tone as heard on "Saturday Night Special" - Nuthin' Fancy (1975).

More tones coming soon - check back for the next version update!

The tones in the list will constantly be updated and added to as Tom creates them.

Available AMP MODELS

Featuring homemade amp tones as well as the BOSS Katana "hidden amps" pack.

Homemade Tones - crafted by Tom

SUPER LEAD 100 - A 1968 Marshall Super Lead amp tone. Used often by Lynyrd Skynyrd on the early albums as well as many other great Classic Rock and Southern Rock bands.

VOX AC30 - Classic VOX tone in the normal channel of the amp. Modeled after a VOX AC30 that I played with on the Carolina Country Music Cruise (CCMC). I had a RAT pedal that I was using and the tone was drool-worthy.

VOX AC30 II - Same amp as the AC30 just simulating the second channel BRIGHT input.

'65 TWIN REVERB - A Fender Twin Reverb that is legendary among many classic rock players. This amp was used by Ed King to achieve his famous intro tone for Sweet Home Alabama as well as other songs like Swamp Music and I Need You.

'65 TWIN RVB 2 - A Brighter version of the Twin Reverb.

TWEED BASSMAN 410 - Simulating a Fender Bassman 4x10 combo. This baby is a country rock and blues powerhouse. It fires out thick and driving blues tone but also cleans up real good.

JC-120 - Based on a Roland Jazz Chorus. This amp is the cleanest of the cleans and is one of the reasons jazz players LOVED this amp. Great for getting a good Steve Gaines tone as well.

BOOGIE LONE STAR - Based on a Mesa Boogie Lone Star amp. The Lone Star is a fantastic blues amp that I played through on the Carolina Country Music Cruise. It costs $2500 for a 1x12 combo and IT SOUNDS LIKE A MILLION BUCKS. I am simulating the settings I would have used on the cruise - FAT channel. It yields a thick and rich tone that is very bluesy and woody sounding.

BOOGIE RECTIFIER - Based on a Mesa Boogie Rectifier. Popular amp model in the 80s.

RECTIFIER MODERN - Based on a 2000s model Mesa Boogie Rectifier. This one features a different shade of gain when compared to the vintage Rectifier.

HIWATT DR-103 PT - Based on a Hiwatt DR-103 with a 4x12 cabinet as used by Pete Townshend of The Who. This preset is designed to get you as close to that Live at Leads Pete tone as possible. The amp is notoriously clean and has the capability of achieving a really creamy drive tone.

DR-103 PT LEAD - Same setup as the Pete Townshend DR-103 but models Pete's lead channel as used in 1970-71 for Isle of Wight and Live at Leeds. Features a distinct fuzz pedal that sounds just like Pete playing his signature leads.

"Hidden Amps" Pack - crafted by BOSS

GT-100 Name – Katana LED

FULL RANGE (Original BOSS amp) – Acoustic

JC-120 (Roland JC-120) – Clean

TWEED (Fender Bassman) – Crunch

5150 (Peavey 5150 Lead) – DRIVE Lead

SLDN (Soldano SLO-100) – Brown

The sneaky amps (GT-100 name – Original amp name)


Custom – Original BOSS amp


JC-120 Clean – Roland JC-120


CLEAN TWIN Clean – Fender Twin Reverb


TWEED Crunch – Fender Bassman 4×10

COMBO CRUNCH – Original BOSS amp

STACK CRUNCH – Original BOSS amp

PRO CRUNCH – Original BOSS amp

DELUXE CRUNCH – Fender DeLuxe Reverb

VO DRIVE – Vox AC-30TB Drive sound

VO LEAD – Vox AC-30TB Lead sound

MATCH DRIVE – Matchless DC-30 left input


5150 DRIVE – Peavey EVH 5150 Lead channel

HiGAIN STACK – Original BOSS amp

XTREME LEAD – Original BOSS amp

CORE METAL – Original BOSS amp

BG LEAD – Mesa Boogie IIb combo amp lead sound

BG DRIVE – Mesa Boogie IIb with treble shift on

MS1959 I – Marshall Plexi channel I

MS1959 I+II – Marshall Plexi with channels paralleled

R-FIRE VINTAGE – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Ch2 Vintage mode

R-FIRE MODERN – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Ch2 Modern mode

T-AMP LEAD – Hughes & Kettner Triamp 3

BGNR UB – Bogner Uberschall


SLDN – Soldano SLO-100

POWER DRIVE – Original BOSS amp

ORNG RB – Orange Rockerverb


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