"Dude, this is the best guitar lesson money I've spent! I've went through all the beginner lessons and now have moved on to tackling the note-for-note ones. I feel my confidence has been boosted, speed is picking up, and it's helped me with jamming over jam tracks. Keep it up my dude!" ~ Chris, VA


All of Tom's Rockin' Classes - everything you see on the All Courses page is included with your ALL-ACCESS membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many classes will I be able to access with this membership?

A: EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. You will have access to every class on the Tom's Rockin' Guitar site.

Q: Do I also receive access to classes that Tom makes in the future?

A: Yes! ALL classes that are created - current and future - are included in this membership. This means that your class content and new classes will continue to be added to the site while you are a member. The best part is that you can learn everything as much as you want and at your own pace.

Q: Are the Lynyrd Skynyrd full song lessons included in the membership?

A: Yes! Members will also have UNLIMITED access to current and future Lynyrd Skynyrd song lesson classes. You will also be able to access new song lessons as Tom creates them.

Q: What supplies do I need to take your class?

A: All you will need is a GUITAR and an AMP (optional). You will need an internet connection to be able to watch class video content and download class materials like TABS and Guitar Pro files.

Q: Can beginners take your classes or are they too difficult?

A: Yes! Guitarists of all skill levels will find a class that best suits them on Tom's Rockin' Guitar. Classes are structured by difficulty-level so that you can choose which classes are best suited toward your learning ability.

Q: What kinds of classes will you be including and making for the membership?

A: You will have access to all classes - as mentioned before. You will also be able to access all new classes that Tom creates. The classes are going to focus on keeping you inspired to play guitar.

My goal is for you to enjoy playing the guitar while improving your abilities at a faster rate than conventional learning methods.

You can expect to see classes featuring guitar exercises, ear training, lead guitar playing, rhythm guitar playing, improvisation, and more. There are no limits to the materials and classes that can be taught!

And I get this question a lot, "Do you take requests?" The simple answer is YES, I do take member requests and can turn them into classes. Whether you want me to cover a particular Lynyrd Skynyrd song or guitar lesson topic.......If I think that your request will also appeal to other Tom's Rockin' Guitar members, YES, I will make it happen!

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