The Saguto.Golf Online Golf School Will Help You Play The Best Golf Of Your Life In The Next 4 Weeks

Hitting the golf ball should be simple, and it should feel good.

Most golfers are really inconsistent. You spend all this time working on your swing, and after 3 or 4 hours of practice, you’re just as miserable as when you started. You’re working on 6 or 7 different swing moves and it’s way too hard to coordinate. Your brain is about to explode, and you’re ready to chuck your clubs into the lake. You’ll hit one great shot per round, but every time you step up to the tee you’re not sure where the ball will go. 

Not to mention all these complicated moves are placing a ton of stress on your body and unnecessary tension that can lead to injury, loss of power, inconsistency, and shorten your golfing life. It’s no wonder why there are so many lower back, hip, and knee surgeries in the game today.

Life Is Too Short To Play Bad Golf

It’s Time To Start Playing The Best Golf Of Your Life

Hit the ball further with less effort shot after shot.

Hit the ball down the middle of the fairway with an easy to repeat golf swing.

Feel confident in your swing without overthinking.

Make more birdies and pars because you’re hitting shots that fly nice and straight to your target.

Create clean contact shot after shot with a proven system.

“Body Friendly” techniques take the stress off your body without sacrificing power.

Build a swing that has fewer moving parts, less variables, and easy-to-repeat golf swing moves that will create a consistent contact point, leading to crispy contact shot-after-shot.

Have a swing that you can count on even when you haven’t practiced that much.

Join the Saguto Golf School and Start Playing the Best Golf of Your Life Right Now.


Watch this video to see what life is like in the Saguto.Golf online golf school.


As a SagutoGolf member, your $99 yearly membership gets you access to all of these awesome classes:

Golf Swing Simplified: 

  • Saguto Golf’s complete swing video learning program (valued at $3,500)
  • Proven system ensures you create clean contact shot after shot.
  • Ensure you’re on the right track and perfect your swing with simple cues and checkpoints you can use anywhere.
  • Powerful drills with simplified techniques that create big results in less time
  • “Body Friendly” techniques take the stress off your body in the golf swing without sacrificing power.

BONUS: Chipping and Pitching Simplified ($99)

Quickly improve your skills inside 100 yards - and around the green - with a simple chipping and pitching technique that will get you hitting your shots closer to the flagstick and consistently saving you more strokes.

BONUS: Golf Swing Fast Track Program ($149)

Learn the “Golf Swing Simplified” fast in a simple structured learning program so you can get out on the course today.

BONUS: Ball Flight Fixes ($99)

Hit your target more consistently, eliminate the slice and the hook, and hit right down the middle of the fairway. (spend less time searching for your ball in the woods and more time playing golf)

BONUS: Simple Swing Fixer ($99)

Simple solutions to common swing problems that have helped hundreds of my students swing easier and hit farther shot after shot.

BONUS: Unlock Super Swing Power ($99)

Learn simple, body friendly techniques that will greatly increase your club head speed giving you more distance off the tee and all of your shots while still hitting your target.

BONUS: Indoor Swing Mastery Program ($199)

Stay on top of your game in any season with a structured indoor golf swing training program designed to help you perfect your golf swing. 

BONUS: Putting Simplified ($59)

Learn a Simpler Way to Putt the Golf Ball Closer to the Hole with Stunning Accuracy, Easily Control Your Speed, Drain More Putts, and Save Tons of Shots

BONUS: Bunker Play Mastery ($59)

"Get Out of the Sand Every Time" with this simple technique that will make you an excellent bunker player

BONUS: Private Member Community

Progress faster with a supportive community. Get your swing questions answered, connect with other players, and take your game to new levels. 

BONUS: “Crispy KFC Club” Exclusive Video Content ($60)

Exclusive members only golf tips and unreleased YouTube videos to help you swing easier and hit further shot after shot.

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**There are NO REFUNDS on any purchases**

Once I teach you this golf swing, you're going to remember it forever. And, because it's so simple, I can't offer you a refund on your purchase. You're getting access to a huge video library that will teach you the whole golf swing for the price of just one in-person golf lesson or round of golf.


Golfers just like you are saying this about the SagutoGolf Online Golf School

James - I’ve had some incredible results with your golf program. Before my round today, I was on the range and hitting everything crispy. I couldn’t believe how effortless and simple my swing felt. 

I hit a drive 320 yards on the course which felt incredible. My ball striking was as good as it’s ever been. 

Bob - my improvements this season includes shooting my best on our course with a legit 83! Considering I thought I’d just be a ‘bogey’ golfer, your instruction has been fantastic for my game!

Larry - I have been staying in the 80's with 1 to 2 birdies a round. Last Wednesday I had 4 birdies. I have to tell you since I have been in the school for 17 months now I have had more birdies than my past 50 years combined.

Steve - I’m 52 with back issues. Been stuck at around 10 hcp for years. Joined the online school and I’m now my at lowest hcp ever 6.9!

In past trips, I could barely walk at the end of the day. On this trip there was no back pain at all! I also shot in the 70’s 4 of the 5 rounds! The guys at dinner were all asking me what I’ve changed. I want to thank you for someone finally making golf simpler and pain free!

Jamie - I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I am with my progress since signing up for your online school. I recently shot an 84.

I just can’t believe how pain free and consistent I’m playing and I owe a lot of that to you. 

Billy - I was scoring between 95-110 before I joined SagutoGolf online golf school in September of 2020. 6 months later, this Saturday I shot an 84, thanks Tom, money well spent.

CJ - I'm now in week 6 of this program and broke 80 for the first time with a round of 79. 

Mark - I am loving golf more than ever now. Always a 90's golfer, I had the first even-par nine holes in my life. At 62! Thank you Tom! Your online lessons are fantastic- simple and to the point. Keep it crispy my friend!

Ricky - After joining your school, I shot a 72 to qualify for the Houston City Amateur!

Daniel - You are my HERO dude, just shot a 78.

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