Here you can shop for your favorite SagutoGolf branded merchandise (scroll to bottom of the page) as well as training aids, golf shoes, golf gloves, and other accessories designed to help you play your best golf.

Athalonz Golf Shoes

Tom's go-to golf shoe that you he uses in his episodes and golf school videos. The Athalonz golf shoes are built with technology that increases your distance, grips the ground, and feels comfortable all day long. They're so great on your feet that Tom wears them everywhere whether he's golfing, traveling, or going out to eat.

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LagShot Swing Trainer

The LagShot is designed to get you feeling a perfect backswing and downswing as well as get you a silky smooth feeling swing motion so that you can swing easier and hit the ball further shot after shot.

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Real Feel Golf Mats

This is the golf mat that Tom uses in his episodes and golf school videos. The name "real feel" implies that it feels like real grass - and it truly does. This is the best golf mat in the business. Improve the quality of your practice sessions at home with a Real Feel golf mat. Tom uses the 3'x5' golf mat.

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UpGlove Golf Gloves

"I need a glove that’s going to be able to withstand not only constant wear and tear from beating hundreds of range balls and refining his swing, but I also need a product that can handle the HEAT and moisture. This glove is fantastic, the leather front gives me the soft, tacky feel of top of the line premium gloves along with a mesh back that enables my hand to breathe in hot and humid conditions. I wasn’t able to find a glove like that until I discovered UpGlove. UpGlove gives me the best of both worlds – feel and comfort. I can refreshingly say that this is THE glove for the avid golfer." - Tom

UpGlove golf gloves are what Tom uses in his episodes and online golf school videos.

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Divot Board
Divot Board

The Divot Board helps you to get the most out of your practice sessions by improving your ability to hit crispy golf shots. When you hit it, it gives you instant feedback of your club's path and contact point with the golf ball.

The Divot Board is an indispensable tool for any golfer. It's can be attached to your golf bag for easy access and, because of its portable size, can be used anywhere (indoors, outdoors, in your office, etc). Tom regularly uses a Divot Board to practice improving his contact with the golf ball.

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The Eclipse - Golf Training Aid

The Eclipse is a training aid designed to help you turn your shoulder correctly in the golf swing for crispy, clean contact. The device shows you if your head is moving off of the golf ball during the swing (indicating that your shoulder turn is having issues). It is a very simple and effective training aid that will help you to stay centered in the golf swing for clean strikes.

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GOGOGO Rangefinder

One of the most affordable rangefinders on the market. This rangefinder performs with the accuracy of a top-of-the-line product for a fraction of the cost.

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ChillSkinz Cooling Towels

There's nothing quite like staying CHILLED in the summer heat. Tom uses ChillSkinz cooling towels to help keep him cool on the course on a hot day. Simply dip the towel in water and wave - the towel will provide instant heat relief at a temperature of 60 degrees. This is a must have golf product for the hot summer months. It's reusable and lasts a long time.

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Dudley Divots Golf Shorts

Cool, breathable, casual golf shorts that make playing golf fun. They feature an athletic material similar to gymwear with the durability and thickness of normal golf shorts. Feel a free-flowing swing wearing these shorts.

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FlightScope MEVO+ Launch Monitor

I use the FlightScope MEVO+ and Pro Package in all my episodes to deliver the most accurate launch monitor data available.

The MEVO, MEVO+, and the MEVO+ w/ Pro Package are excellent products to perfect your golf swing and get your ball flight finely tuned so that you can play the best golf of your life.

I use the MEVO+ and Pro Package in all of my videos.

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